NOTICE:  This is Critical Information for our customers:   The Vape mail ban is nearly here.  (Note: this is not a vape ban, it is a mailing ban.  We will resume shipments as soon as we have alternate shipping methods in place.)


By now, you may have received emails from Nevada Vapor and other vape manufactures and sellers about the coming vape mail ban.   This ban affects USPS, FedEx and UPS. 

3/1/2021:  It is unlikely we will be able to ship to you by the proposed implementation dates (between March 27, 2021 and April 26, 2021) for at least a few weeks or more after the deadline. 

Order online - pick in store is still an option for customers in Nevada, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Oklahoma as well as their bordering states. 

Unless our alternate carrier network is in place by the deadline, Nevada Vapor will temporarily stop taking orders 7 days before the final date.  We don't know what date that will be, but it could be as early as 3/27 and as late as 4/26.  


  • Order early and stock up your inventory for at least 3-4 months.
  • Stock up on Flavorless with Nicotine and then order and add your own flavoring as needed. It will last 2+ years.   
  • Talk to your local vape shop. They may be willing to stock your preferred e-liquids from us through our wholesale program. We believe business-to-business services will continue and we should have backup business delivery carriers in place in the next 2 weeks.


  • Important: Once we have alternate carriers in place, none of this applies. This applies to USPS shipping only, and not to retail stores, or shipments via carriers that are Not USPS
    • Customers can order FlavorArtists, batteries, PG, and VG as long as it is not intended for vaping
    • Customers can order online and pick up in stores
    • Customers can have their friends or relatives near our stores pick up in store for them.  You will need to put the person Picking up the package as the Ship to, then select pick up in store.  Consumers can ship via USPS lightweight ships to another consumer.  (USPS text: Certain Individuals: Lightweight shipments mailed between adult individuals, limited to 10 per 30-day period;)"
  • We are working with a national carrier who hopes to have a consumer network in place by April (We don't see it working by then, but may be close to it)

NOTE: You can continue to order FlavorArtists Flavor Concentrates online and have them shipped directly to you home as long as you are purchasing for baking and not vaping.  We recommend you purchase these products from directly.

You may also continue to buy Pure VG and Pure PG as long as it is not intended for vaping.

And you may purchase Batteries as long as they are intended for another use other than vaping.

What Nevada Vapor is doing:  We are working with two alternative carrier resources. 

One is a nationwide carrier network that is working hard to have a consumer delivery network in most major cities by the end of March, and covering 70-80% of the country by mid-April or May.  

The second is a national company with access to over 10,000 vape shops around the country to provide pickup locations for order online-pick up in store options.   We will gradually expand shipping availability as we can.

Consumers can also ship up to 10lbs of vapor products between themselves.  If you have a friend or relative near one our stores, you can order online-pick up in store.

We will continue to update you with information as we have it.